Miss a watch

Sometimes idle down thinking, people and objects accompanied by a long time, will soon fell in love, which inevitably more or less distant objects have missed, miss the extent of some deep, stay deep in thinking , Some shallow, but occasionally in front of a flash. Often think of the deeper, like the more cut, the more it would like to lingering, I miss a watch almost to the extent. I remember in the seventies and eighties of last century, wearing a watch to become a fashionable. May wish to "rare" in reverse, the watch is expensive and thin and fashionable, also hoisted the people want to wear watch the appetite, deeply moved from people want to buy replica watches uk. People's psychology is often always like this, generally optimistic about the hearts of special things, the more can not afford to buy more. Buy a watch that time is really a luxury thing, poor families do not have to say, the average family is not willing to buy, even the individual rich families have to intend to plan, will buy a watch for their children to meet Children's desires, look style, chic, fashionable; also pocketed their own vanity, showing the family money. At this time to see who money the money. The best identification or has been circulating jingle: "wear shoes to walk the stone road, wearing a watch jacket sleeve, gold teeth laughing ... ..." is the money people used to satirical watch, wearing shoes people love Show off. Ironically go irony, can all look forward to their children or buy shoes, watches or something, but also the scenery on the street scenery. I left a deep imprint is that when his grandfather was just retired state cadres, every time he went home to visit relatives, always wearing a golden watch that can only watch, often into the corner of the windowsill, the sun shines, golden light Shiny, especially dazzling, I am very envious, picked up and looked, always put it down. Children occasionally see the city people to the countryside when the wrist is also wearing only watches, but also brilliant. From then on, I expect the future can expect to wear only watches. In that era, the most popular is the Shanghai brand rolex replica, which is the best domestic watch, the best-selling. The watch looks beautiful, the atmosphere, the sound sounds loud, steel sound "pound", are used to get up and listen to the ears, said the steel sounds good, let others listen to. The more so rumored, I prefer this watch. But like Ye Hao, luxury worth mentioning, are not expected to do. Because at that time come up with 100 yuan to a high consumption, and is a big family expenses, can buy a lot of agricultural and sideline products, there is no reason to buy a watch. Coupled with the Shanghai brand watches particularly scarce, even if the money have to seek grandfather grandmother, do not necessarily buy. So, I basically dispelled the idea of ​​wearing a watch, then my heart, if I wear a watch, but also do not know the monkey years. My heart is so think, but the reality is coming. Once, my mother from the county to open the people 's congress just returned home, met with a smile from my pocket and took out a new watch, handed me said: "This is for you to buy, Shanghai brand watches. I suddenly surprised a moment, it came too suddenly, suddenly so I can not believe, I believe it was a pleasant surprise. Mother asked: "Mom, I did not say let you buy me a watch?" Mother explained: "The people in the county to open the Congress was also very good, each made a ticket to buy watches, voluntarily dig I think most of the representatives have bought, but a small number of delegates to give away the ticket, and I also bought a hard heart, you have grown up, anyway, have to buy later. "Mother finished, I was thinking , Is not rich in the whole era, has always been very frugal mother, not willing to eat, not willing to drink, how willing to suddenly took out 120 yuan to buy watches? That is not a small sum. I would also like to mother's hand was certainly shaking off. Opened the people congress, I guess the mother will be carrying a precious watch, my heart is heavy, the mood is joy, is to give me a surprise. However, I also think that this is the mother when the National People's Congress in exchange for tickets to buy, is a return, put on watches, a good time to better serve the people. Although I like to play my heart, but can not be. Finally, the mother said something like this: "I was wanted to buy you, I will not want to." Mother bent to give me, I barely accept it, met the watch, I was overjoyed, left to see Look at the right to see, take a look, the next look, not a big watch a watch but looked very long, a long time, I treasure the unusual origin of the watch and the feelings, often wearing watches, think of watches , I will think of the mother, moving mother! Writing this article, I miss the mother has been in heaven. Watch worn in my hand, is actually installed in my heart, listening to the watch "pound" sweet voice, the United States in my heart. This watch only accompanied me to spend a good middle school time, often lead to envy of female students, male students jealous eyes, I think this is my mother brought me scenery, I would like to double learning, Thanksgiving mother, In the era of very low enrollment rate, even resorted to all the stops, or live up to the mother's expectations, I feel against my mother. Later, I joined the army, I heard that the provisions of recruits can not wear watches, beloved watch to leave me for three months. Even after the recruits, came to the old company, all the recruits than the dry, the size of the work rushing to dry, every morning to see the cleaning, and very early to get up to grab the sweep, I would like to do everything First, do not get up every day, get up, clean the entire compound health. Sometimes do not know the time, three or four o'clock to get up, cleaning the health days also black, and lie down to sleep on a sleep days is not bright. I think this is a long time to sleep well, the body can not stand, then, it reminds the bird watch, this is the most in need of it. So, I wrote a letter to their parents, said the reality of the troops, but also need to send that watch. The letter sent out about ten days or so, first to the letter, said the watch has been sent, and then received a parcel, the package has a very beautiful plywood made of the box. I am eager to open a look inside the layers of packaging is the bird's favorite brand of Shanghai watch. With the replica watches, I no longer have to get up at three or four o'clock, with the watch I also relieved, and sleep is also stable. Watch the "pound" sound ran out of the harmony with my barracks melody, this watch is not only with my barracks partners, is dedicated to the cause of my defense hero. As a result, it is accompanied by I moved to the motherland's major north-south, the Great Wall and beyond, along with me through the Qinling Mountains, went to Guangxi border, along with I went to Laoshan front, with the test of war, along with my duty, Learning, training. Minute seconds, as I control the time, follow the military norms, to win the honor, to win time. Here is particularly worth mentioning is that in 1986, where the regiment held a military, political, text contest, I reported three breath, my comrades are pinched a sweat for me, but I know very well, because I have around That watch. Before the competition training, I put the watch on the desk, blindfolded, card time dismantling pistols, submachine gun; card training time carrier technology; card time to write live news. Eventually, pistols, submachine gun disassembly time from the original 30 seconds to 20 seconds, get the whole regiment military text contest comprehensive first, news reports second, carrier technology won the third, three full access to the top three , Won the regiment only regiment awards. Recalling these, watch credit. Over time, watch the role of growing, and I watch the feelings of more and more deep. From the troops back to the place, I have been wearing this watch, accurate display time, on time work, meetings, learning, training, to participate in higher education self-examination, undergraduate examination ... ... Along the way, this watch is like a Faithful messenger, hard for my service, kept "pound" ringing, the pointer kept dancing, out of a very valuable track, also made me out of a satisfactory life track. Later, I do not know why, beloved watch is lost, I regret for a while, because it is a combination of my feelings, along with my experience, recorded my walking, calculating the life of a watch, Is in my mind a watch, my beloved watch, I will always miss it.